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Multi Product Hose Towers

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Custom-built hose towers according customer demands

Since 1987 we are involved in the production of different types of hose towers and cranes on jetties. These cranes are mainly used for hose handling and sometimes for handling stores. At Buitendijk Techniek, we can built any hose tower, exactly according the demands and needs of our customers. Of course all these cranes are explosion proof, and executed and built according National, European (Cenelec/ATEX) and American (NEC / UL-codes/ATEX) standards.

Safely and efficiently load your products with a high-quality hose tower

From day one we have built an extensive track record in the field of hose towers. We were honored to install our cranes on the first hose towers in the port of Rotterdam. After that first assignment, we were asked to assist in the development of complete Multi Product Hose Towers for a client in Saudi Arabia. And in the past few years, we have successfully participated in the design, engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning of several hose towers. With a high-quality hose tower that is manufactured by Buitendijk Techniek, you can safely and efficiently load your products for many years to come. We have been building custom towers for our customers for many years and therefore have extensive knowledge on the subject. This knowledge is used to provide you with a standard or tailored solution for hose handling that meets all your requirements.

A tailor-made or standard hose tower that meets all your requirements

What kind of hose tower do you require? Does a standard one meet all your needs or do you need us to provide you with a customized solution? Let us know what the hose tower must live up to and we will provide you with a solution that is a perfect fit for your situation. We can even provide you with a hose loading arm to make hose handling more efficient. In addition, you are ensured of a construction that meets all your requirements and local safety and quality regulations. At Buitendijk Techniek, we thoroughly test the equipment before delivery to ensure this.

Inquire about the possibilities

Do you need us to provide you with a customized or standard hose tower? Or do you want to know more about the other solutions we provide, such as the jetty gangway and slewing bearings? Contact us via info@gangwaysolutions.com and let us know your wishes and demands.

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