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Small Tubular Type - Column Type Gangway

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Let Buitendijk Techniek design and build you a column gangway, also known as a small tubular type gangway, to provide you with safe accesses to your vessel. As an expert in various access solutions for ships, we offer both standard solutions as well as tailor-made gangways that meet our customers specific requirements.

Reach all deck levels with small tubular or column Gangway

Our small tubular type Gangway – also known as the column type gangway – is our most efficient design. The main structure contains of a vertical tubular column with the gangway access platform at a fixed level. Thanks to the design of an access staircase from an existing jetty to the gangway access platform, a better connection is achieved. The telescopic gangway with required length and self-levelling steps makes it possible to reach all ship deck levels above and below the access platform.

Built according to specific your requirements

The small tubular type gangway, or column type gangway, can be configured to meet the clients specific site requirements and can be supplied with a range of controls from manual to fully automated. We can also design you a column type gangway with an outside staircase, either straight or spiral. As such, we can always design a small tubular type gangway that meets your specifications, whatever they may be.

Let us design the best gangway that meets your requirements

With its smaller and lighter design, this gangway type is a cost effective and sustainable choice, thanks to the reduced footprint, lower transport costs and less maintenance. Would you like to know more about our gangway access systems or are you interested in our tailor-made solutions? We are happy to tell you more if you call us at +31 78 7440000 or contact us though the contact form.