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Everything is tested at our own facility

When your ship is docked at a jetty, a gangway provides safe passage between your ship and the jetty. This gangway can either have a fixed length or be telescopic. The latter allows you to easily store away a longer gangway in your ship, because the parts fold out to form the gangway and fold back in when you store it away. Both provide equally safe passage, with the only difference being that the telescopic model is more flexible and can bridge bigger lengths.

Enter any type of jetty with a flexible gangway

Jetties come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights. This means that a more flexible gangway allows you to enter any type of jetty from your ship. Examples of these gangways are self-levelling steps, which allow you to bridge various heights, and gangway towers, which can cover a broad range of ship deck levels. Of course, if you order your jetty gangway from Buitendijk Techniek there are many more possibilities. We offer different types of gangway systems, both in standardized form and custom-built.

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Do you need a customized gangway to enter different types of jetty? Or does a standard model fulfill your requirements? Let us know your wishes and demands and we will provide you with a solution that meets all of them, as well as the legal requirements for safety and quality. We ensure this by testing our products thoroughly at our own testing site, before delivering them to you. Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us by calling our customer service at +31 78 7440000.

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