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Everything is tested at our own facility


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Everything is tested at our own facility

Buitendijk Techniek offers a variety of marine and offshore solutions, such as a ship dock gangway for your harbor. These can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Do you need us to manufacture an open gangway or do you require a closed one? Should it mainly provide safe passage to passengers and crew or is it also needed for loading and unloading? Let us know your wishes and we will design, manufacture, and install a ship dock gangway for your harbor that meets your every need.

A ship dock gangway that meets all the relevant safety and quality requirements

Of course, you want your ship dock or harbor gangway to meet all the relevant requirements for the marine and offshore industry. Therefore it is best to purchase your gangway from us. Our gangways are tested thoroughly in our own testing facility to ensure that they fulfill all safety and quality requirements, as well as your wishes and demands. It does not leave the facility until we are one hundred percent confident of this. This goes for our gangways, but also for our other marine and offshore solutions, such as hose towers, bulwark ladders and hose loading arms.

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Let us manufacture the perfect gangway for your harbor

What type of gangway do you want us to manufacture for your ship dock or harbor? Should it include a free flow system to compensate for heave, weather conditions, and tide? We can incorporate all your wishes into a customized gangway that perfectly suits your harbor. There is a variety of options and additions that can be incorporated into the design. One example of a useful addition is lighting, which enables you to safely use the ship dock or marine gangway at night.

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What do you want your harbor or marine gangway to look like? Let us know by calling our customer service at +31 78 7440000. They are happy to help you find the perfect marine or offshore solution, such as a ship dock gangway. Our customer service is also there to answer any questions you might have or to help you in case your gangway needs inspections, maintenance or repairs.

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